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Celadon is a blockchain ecosystem that primarily targets the gaming industry, combining Web 3.0, play-to-earn (P2E), non-fungible tokens (NFTs), DeFi, and cryptocurrency to provide users with an absolutely breathtaking experience in their blockchain endeavors.

Celadon Coin, powered by CELA - our flagship deflationary token - provides both crypto and non-crypto users and game enthusiasts with a variety of ways and diverse types of games to have premium fun while playing games, generate good income, and maintain complete control over what they do all at the same time.

The project is conceived by Adam Widelka, a technology and crypto professional who aims to deliver the exceptional pleasure, rewards, and other benefits that most of the current blockchain games fail to provide.

In addition to our native P2E games, Celadon also contains an NFT marketplace that introduces users to all the blockchain NFT features and genres, including music, videos, digital games, and their in-game character traits like skins, battle items, moves, celebrations, fantasy game cards, and many more.

We have also launched a web3 cryptocurrency wallet with user-friendly interfaces that enable token swapping and DApp connections. This non-custodial, decentralized wallet enables users to store and manage cryptocurrencies on the BSC network, as well as across multiple networks expected in the near future.

Token Sale

The multiutility token is up for sale now - 0x8eB12BF64c5513653De549a61078f244eF11dbfF

Token Name :

Celadon Coin

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Decimal Support :


Total Token Supply





Token Allocation

  • Initial Burn
  • Marketing & Development
  • Bounties & Airdrop
  • Referral Wallet
  • Sale
  • LP Creation
  • Admin Wallet


The CELADON COIN team has various offerings for its users and investors in the near future. The team is rigorously working on building an ecosystem to create more utilities for the token and its holders which in turn will result in growth of token value and utility.

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